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Regner Ramos and Sharif Mowlabocus


This Fall, the editors of Queer Sites in Global Contexts: Technologies, Spaces, and Otherness are extending an invitation to join a virtual reading group designed to support students interested in LGBTQ+ research. This is a free series aimed at complementing the discussions of sexuality, gender, race, and class, already taking place in seminar rooms around the world. The reading group is primarily aimed at PhD and Masters students, although advanced undergraduate students are also welcome.


Four live discussion sessions, lasting 75 minutes will be conducted in the Fall of 2021. Each session will be organized around a theme and focus on two chapters from the edited collection. Each chapter's author will join us for the discussion.

⚡️ Session #1: 29th September, 6pm UTC

Living in Hostile Environments: Trans and QPOC negotiating legal and social normativities

Discussing chapters: “Learning to become extremophile” and  “The carceral feminism of SESTA-FOSTA”

Guest authors: Ailo Ribas Goody and Jody Liu

Register here.

🗺 Session #2: 27th October, 6pm UTC

The Spaces of Queerness: Mapping, Memory, Method

Discussing chapters: “San Juan queer” and “Queering the Map”

Guest authors: Regner Ramos and Lucas LaRochelle

Register here.

🚧 Session #3: 24th November, 6pm UTC

Race and Racism in Gay Male Culture

Discussing chapters: “A ‘Kindr’ Grindr ” and “Communicating ‘race’ in digitized gay China”

Guest authors: Sharif Mowlabocus and Oscar Tianyang Zhou 

Register here.

🦋 Session #4: 15th December, 6pm UTC

“Giving Voice to Trans Experiences: Beyond the ‘Tipping Point’”

Discussing chapters: “Fluid territories” and “The Kenwood Ladies’ Bathing Pond”

Guest authors: Mabia Camargo, Eduardo Martins, and Lo Marshall

Register here.

Each session will begin with a brief introduction, followed by a short presentation by the authors. This informal presentation will consider the motivations behind the research, the methodologies used, the challenges faced, and a reflection on the findings. The session Chair will then facilitate a discussion and Q&A. Audience members will be invited to read the chapters and can elect to submit questions in advance, or ask them during the event.

Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube, allowing members to use the platform’s captioning service to view and translate the discussion.

Membership and Registration

The reading group is free to join. Registration assumes that members have access to the Queer Sites in Global Contexts book.

Please visit our registration page to sign up for the reading group.

Members of the reading group will receive relevant updates on readings and events, and will be sent a Zoom link to each live session.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Sharif Mowlabocus at: