Poste means 'light post'.

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Regner Ramos

@dining room table, a high floor, apartment, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The other day I was in my office with my Research Assistant, Sairimar, going through the first spaces I experienced moments of queerness as a kid. 

"Déjame ver some common conventions found in site plans." 

Sairimar pulled up a site plan she'd worked on for one of her classes, and I spotted an odd little graphic made up of an angled line, two curves extending from it and two circles connected to each one's tip. 

–"Y esto?"

–"Un poste."

–"Oh! That's so cute. I want to use that in my drawings."

I look to the computer screen—an aerial view of my elementary school, Carib Christian School. I look to my school's rough site drawing in front of me. Poste-less.

–"Is there any way we can identify where those light posts are from Google Earth? I don't wanna go back there."