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There's no one way to read (or use) El Site, because it's always two things at once. This is a space of doubles:
fluid and structured
spatial and digital
readable and coded
accidental and planned
playful and systematic.

El Site's also both a performative writing methodology and a publication output for my research on queerness, technology and spaces. Composed of written fragments published in real-time, El Site becomes a live narrative and record of the research through a series of ongoing essays, musings, photos and conversations.

Drawing on how histories of gay and queer culture in Puerto Rico used magazine publications to create and spatialize networks of queer people in-the-know, El Site is a space for encounters, for discussions and for publishing content by researchers, designers, writers, students, artists and creatives who work with queerness, technology and places (or any combination of these).

El Site is part of Dr. Regner Ramos's larger research project exploring how mobile technologies are changing and informing queer practices and spaces in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The research is generously funded by FIPI (Fondos Institucionales Para la Investigación) at the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus.

Regner Ramos holds a Bachelors in Environmental Design (2008) and a Masters in Architecture (2010) from the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture. In addition, he holds a PhD in Architecture (2016) from The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL). He has taught at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London College of Communication, University of Hertfordshire and Queen Mary University of London. Currently, Regner is a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the UPR School of Architecture, where he teaches courses on architectural design, architectural theory and magazine production, while also working as Editor-in-Chief of inForma journal and as an Editor at Glass magazine. You can contact him/her/it here and see what he/she/they are up to on Instagram.

I'm currently looking to take on Doctoral and Masters students starting their dissertations, and are working on any of the following topics: Gender, Sexuality, Urbanism, Architecture, Ephemerality, Mapping, Artefacts, Narratives, Technologies, Queerness, Performance, Play, Drawing, and Publishing.

Primary Advisory:
🚽"Relics of Discrimination: The Public Restroom as an Architectural Barrier for Non-Binary People", Reily Joel Calderón-Rivera. School of Architecture, Universidad de Puerto Rico. Ongoing.
➕"The Landscape, the Road, and Death: Crosses on the Road", José Néstor Rodríguez. School of Architecture, Universidad de Puerto Rico. Ongoing.
⏳"Arquitectura efímera: Agente de identidad", Michelle Pérez Alemañy. School of Architecture, Universidad de Puerto Rico. Ongoing.

Secondary Advisory:
🛸"Arquitectura y cine: La construcción visual y emocional de las imágenes a través de escenografía en la ciencia ficción", Edward Ramírez Saez. School of Architecture, Universidad de Puerto Rico. 2018-Ongoing.
🗞"Arquitectura Narrativa: De las letras al proyecto. Palimpsesto de una historia urbana", Yadariz Ramos Hernández. School of Architecture, Universidad de Puerto Rico. 2018-2019.
🖼"Arquitectura + Instagram: El uso de la red social Instagram en el proceso de diseño para la creación de espacios comerciales", Fabiola Arroyo. School of Architecture, Universidad de Puerto Rico. 2017-2018.