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Episode 4, “Paracetamol and Botox”

April 11th, 8 PM

@Everywhere, Instagram TV

📲Film Screening

Episode 4, “Paracetamol and Botox”, is about the corporeal byproduct of grieving . It draws on the following quote by artist Abi Palmer:

“Today, I’ve started to make more friends. I had dinner with a group of Egyptians.

They have taken me on as their little pet. They’re lovely people, all of them, but because I use my scooter and I’m young and by myself, they want to help me. Two of them have been following me around and helping me pick food from the buffet.

There’s one older woman named Zara. When I first saw her, I thought, Wow, she doesn’t look good for 50. She was quite open about how often she goes to health spas and I started to panic. Something about prunes and, bloody hell, maybe I shouldn’t spend too long in this water. Then it turned out that she was 72. So maybe the water isn’t so bad after all. She looks amazing. Not great for 50, but amazing for 72.” (Sanatorium, pg. 32)

“Buildings, Bodies, and Broken Hearts” is a five-episode Instagram mini-story explored through video, audio, and text. Through each episode, I react to performance artist Abi Palmer's new book, Sanatorium (2020, Penned in the Margins), while reflecting on my own work, quarantine, and my state of being post-breakup. It also draws on the work of architectural historian and filmmaker Anna Andersen. Each episode is posted one day after another, from April 8th-12th 2020. Individual episode descriptions and details can be found on my Calendar page, and viewed on Instagram.